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APO International believes that the people are the most valuable assets. This workplace fosters wellness, productivity, and excellence.
Our comprehensive health care and insurance cover different aspects to create a vibrant and comfortable work environment.
The professional development helps you dig deeper in the career life to be competitive and productive.
On the top of that, we willing to give you the flexibility and support for retaining life quality and breeding successful work-life balance.


Employee Benefits

  • Health and Insurance:Wellness is the most important thing than others. We settle a board range of insurance coverage and preventive care to secure your health.
    Insurance:Labor insurance / Health insurance / Life insurance / Accident insurance / Medical insurance / Business travel insurance / Pension Health:Regularly health checkup / Hospital perks
  • Career Life:APO supports what you passionate about. We give you the opportunities to refine your professions and practice cross-functional learning.
    Professional development / Employee orientation / Tuition assistance
  • Financial Wellness:Financial wellness programs are an integral part of our philosophy. We take care of you and your loved ones through various life stages.
    Bonus:Year-end / Birthday / Wedding
    Subsidy:Maternity subsidy / Funeral subsidy
  • Vacation and Entertainment:Knowing that everyone needs time away from the work, we offer the flexibility to achieve your personal and business needs.
    Vacation:Two days off per week / Martial leave / Maternity leave / Paternity leave / Parental leave / Menstrual leave / Annual leave
    Entertainment:Team travel, gathering / Birthday party / Year-end banquet
  • The Rest of The Benefits:
    Irregularly team events
    Free staff uniform (Taoyuan Factory)