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The most consumable part of a projector is the projector lamp. When the projector doesnˇ¦t work, at most cases it is due to the malfunction of the lamp. Actually, components in the projector other than lamp seldom go wrong. If you are satisfied with the brightness and image quality of the projector you are using, it is always GOOD to replace the lamp. APOG can offer you a wide selection of compatible projector lamps that have the same quality as the original lamp under a more ˇ§reasonableˇ¨ and fairer price.

A lamp module normally comprises 3 main parts :

  1. The housing (also known as cage)
  2. The bare bulb
The connector (also known as cables)

The bare bulb, which is the lighting source of the projector, is the soul in the regards of quality of the complete lamp. It has a direct impact on the image quality, brightness as well as lamp life. APO purchases the exact same lamps, made in the same factories, as those purchased by projector manufacturers such as Sanyo, Hitachi, etc, which means that you are buying identical quality product as those from the OEM manufacturers.

What APOG makes a difference as compared with the original lamp is its own production on the housing and connector which have no direct impact towards the performance of the complete lamp. Although they are relatively subtle, APOG is scrupulous to ensure that the combination of our housing/connection with the original bare lamp achieves the optimal performance.

Before lunching our products, we will go through the following tests:

  1. Compatibility check
    • To check the compatibility between the bare lamp and the supported projectors
  1. Cage Fitting Test
    • To ensure the housing produced by APOG can be fit perfectly into the lamp place of the projector
  2. Long-run Test
    • To test the lamp for at least 500 hours in our laboratory to see if our housing can afford the heat emitted by the bare lamp
  3. Actual Machine Test
    • To put the complete lamp into a real machine to test for at least 100 hours. Final fine-tuning will be performed in this stage.

1. No Relamping

Relamping cannot save and it is dangerous. As an expert in projector lamps, we highly recommend you not to relamp. The main reason can be attributed to the deprecation of the housing.Click here to know more.

2. General Installation Procedures

There are some standard procedures to install projector lamps. Some cautions should be paid with extra attention. Please Click here to know more.

3. General Instruction to reset the lamp timer.

The procedures may vary by different models. The following list only shows you the common procedures. Please follow the user manual if the following procedures are not applicable on your model.

Perform the reset function only when you have replaced the lamp. The lamp timer counts the used time of the current lamp, to display the messages about the lamp. Incorrect performing causes incorrect operation of the messages.

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