ˇ§Original insideˇ¨ APOG Debut at InfoComm 2007

The leading global projector replacement lamp module manufacture APO, has its latest premium product series ˇ§Original insideˇ¨ APOG debut at InfoComm 2007. Established at 2004, APO is concentrating in its lamp module production. Its lamp module now serves up to 1,100 projector models, which covers 1/4 of the market need when the active projector model numbers in the Aftermarket are around 3,000 ˇV 4,000. APO Managing Director Samuel Chen said ˇ§Foresaw the shortage of Original projector lamp module in the Aftermarket, we have been investigating and investing heavily in the cage design and production for more than two years and now our Original inside APOG series have taken an important role in fulfilling the increasing demand of projector lamp replacement.ˇ¨

The discontinued model of the projector lamp module has been a major headache for customers who are in urgent need of replacing their blown lamps. The same level of challenge is also from the customerˇ¦s concern regarding the product quality. APO team has performed millions of hours of lamp moduleˇ¦s compatibility and performance test physically with all major branded projectors to ensure the best quality out of the Original Lamp.

ˇ§This year of 2007 will be the year for APO to accelerate its speed of new modules design, as well as working with major original lamp manufactures to ensure the quality of APOG and stable supply of APOG product series. APO will complete its offer of APOG series supporting up to 2,000 projector models by the end of 2007.ˇ¨ added by Samuel. APO is having its ˇ§Original insideˇ¨ product series APOG debut at Hall D, No. 1829 on June 19 ˇV June 21, 2007 at InfoComm 2007 in Anaheim, California.

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