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ˇ§Original insideˇ¨ APOG Debut at InfoComm 2007

The leading global projector replacement lamp module manufacture APO, has its latest premium product series ˇ§Original insideˇ¨ APOG debut at InfoComm 2007. Established at 2004, APO is concentrating in its lamp module production. Its lamp module now serves up to 1,100 projector models, which covers 1/4 of the market need when the active projector model numbers in the Aftermarket are around 8,000 ˇV 10,000. APO Managing Director Samuel Chen said ˇ§Foresaw the shortage of Original projector lamp module in the Aftermarket, we have been investigating and investing heavily in the cage design and production for more than two years and now our Original inside APOG series have taken an important role in fulfilling the increasing demand of projector lamp replacement.ˇ¨

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Why use APOG lamps
    APO has been recognized by many professionals in this industry and has successfully marketed its products to over 160 customers in 35 countries from Europe, North America, Middle and South America, Middle East, Asia, Australia, etc.

APO is committed to provide the following benefits:
1. Original lamp inside, best companion of major projector brands
2. APO lamp module supports all major projector models
3. Best performance ratio over price and quality
Optimal performance

    APO incorporates high quality Original Lamp into its cages with excellent performance. Beyond a simple composition of a bare lamp and a cage, APO spent 3 years of research and development and millions of hours of testing experiment to ensure the right fit of one lamp for the right model.
Our Professional Team

    With 8 years of experience in servicing projector replacement lamp market, APO's professional team is dedicated to serve the market demand with its expertise in the domain knowledge, quick delivery, instant feedback, huge inventory, and wide range of products.
Stable Supply

    APOG represents a stable supply of Original lamp modules as there is always a large stock of lamps kept as APOG inventory.
    The most consumable part of a projector is the projector lamp. When the projector doesnˇ¦t work, at most cases it is due to the malfunction of the lamp. Actually, components in the projector other than lamp seldom go wrong. If you are satisfied with the brightness and image quality of the projector you are using, it is always GOOD to replace the lamp.

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